Why I launched ReWild Collection

ReWild Collection is much more than just a brand. It was created for women with a message: You are beautiful, strong, talented, and can do anything your heart desires. We recognize the growth that all women go through to become beautiful and powerful, just like our lotus flower.

The Lotus flower was chosen as our logo because it symbolizes beauty, strength, and resilience. The flower starts as a bud in murky water. It continues to grow until it pushes through the surrounding mud, to become an astounding blooming flower. You’d never imagine it could lie beneath these muddy waters, but the flower’s persistence enables it to break through the surface. It emerges utterly unaffected from its arduous beginnings, with undeniable elegance that has been recognized for centuries. The Lotus flower was made for this, and at ReWild, we believe you were too.

Motivated by that, I wanted a brand name that was inspiring–ReWild Collection was chosen. For me, ReWild suggests a restoration to a natural, uncultivated state. It’s a sense of being reunited not only with nature but also to our natural self–this is my interpretation, and it’s what inspires me. Your interpretation can be very different. I like that ReWild can have multiple meanings, because I wanted something that could inspire you, as well. It is important to me that you find a definition that motivates you personally.

We are a multi-faceted company. We do not only provide to the health conscious individual, but we are devoted to the support of women globally. Our commitment is to lift them up and inspire them to be all they can be. We all have dreams; all our dreams are significant.

As a busy Mom of three, working full-time as the owner of a beauty salon, I launched the ReWild Collection as my dream. I still work at the salon to support my family, but continue to follow my vision for ReWild until I can transition to full time. This journey is a process; I want to encourage you toward your heart’s desire, as well. I want to give all of us a space to be real and transparent–to share our hopes and struggles, support one another. I want us to be a community where everyone wins. This is the only way forward– the only way to accomplish all that we are capable of–is to do it together!

ReWild is a reminder for me that sometimes we need to pause, be still, and take a deep breath—to stop searching and realize that the beauty, desire, and fulfillment are right in front of us. We don’t need to strive to obtain these desires; rather, we need to notice they’re right in front of us. My message is we can do whatever we put our minds too! It takes a lot of dedication and perseverance to succeed, with each other, we’ll always have somebody in our corner. We can lift one another up, while still succeeding in our own lives.

Our ReWild Collection is a way to express yourself, make you feel amazing, beautiful, and motivate you. Made from premium, luxurious materials, in Canada, the clothing collection is designed by women for women.

Like most of you, I aspire to be the best version of myself possible, to continue to grow in beauty, potential, and fulfillment toward all that I am intended to become. I also hope the same for you. Pursue what you love and follow your dreams.

We are a community standing in solidarity together–where women can lean on one another for personal, emotional, and physical growth. We are not just clothing – We are a tribe