ReWild: The power of women supporting each other.

To all women out there I see you, I feel you, I believe in you!

ReWild Collections is more an athletic performance apparel company. We are a community of women helping each other achieve and succeed at our goals–together we can do exponentially more!

There’s nothing more powerful, or meaningful than women supporting one another. It optimizes our success not only individually but also as a whole. We have the potential to be the most incredible, influential asset on the plant. As women, we need to recognize each other’s’ progress, share our challenges, reveal our heartaches, and set intentions for our lives that contribute to the world around us—we need to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and successes. Her success doesn’t stop your success. Her success can inspire your own. We are stronger together!

My entire life, I’ve been fueled by other people’s happiness and success–what an incredible feeling I felt when I helped someone complete what they set out to do. Shouldn’t we be inspired by other people’s happiness, success, and accomplishments? There is something about women coming together and supporting one another that seems so nourishing–a space to flourish and grow, a place without judgment, to be fearlessly yourself.

As a community, we can help each other to live our hopes, dreams, and desires. We all require growth to become something beautiful. Together we can magnify each other’s strengths to expand our collective reach and visibility.

We recognize all the growth women go through to become something beautiful. As women, we are like the Lotus flower, which is why we chose it to represent what we are doing at ReWild Collection. Here is one of our encouragements we’ve posted throughout our website that epitomizes our mission:

Whenever you should doubt your self-worth, remember the lotus flower.

Even though it emerges to life from beneath the mud,

it does not allow the dirt that surrounds it to affect its growth or beauty.

We need each other to accomplish this goal– not to be tainted by the mud that can surround us at times and bog us down. Together we are invincible, beautiful, and far-reaching. Supporting one another through the journey could never take away our individual beauty, talents, or successes. On the contrary, together, we can create something even more beautiful. I invite you to share in our community.

ReWild is more than just fashion. ReWild has the hearts and souls of women worldwide in mind. We are a community – standing in solidarity; together–where women can lean on one another for personal, emotional, and physical growth. We are not just clothing – We are a tribe.